About Foundation

Dwarka- The Holy Land, the karmabhoomi of Rajadhiraj Shri Krishna, is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage centers. Dwarka is one among the Four Dhaamas & one among Seven Puris of Hinduism- Saptapuri.

Tourism in Gujarat has been growing at a double digit growth rate for the past 10 years. Pilgrimage is the biggest segment of domestic Tourism in India and Dwarka happens to be one of the most sought-after pilgrimage destinations in Gujarat. With changing times and external factors, the hospitality sector in Dwarka is evolving in a big way.

Growth in tourism at Dwarka has provided an impetus to infrastructure development, especially quality hotels and their rooms. Until recently, Dwarka had limited quality hotel rooms, which was a major constraint for the growth of tourism. As new facilities and rooms get added, this constraint is virtually taken care of. This offers a big challenge and opportunity for the future growth of tourism at Dwarka.

Dwarka has a lot more in addition to the World Heritage Site of Jagad Mandir- the Kingdom of Rajadhiraj Shri Krishna. Leading citizens of Dwarka have come together to improve the overall tourist experience at Dwarka and that has given birth to the Devbhoomi Dwarika Foundation.

Divya Dwarika  is a not-for-profit company incorporated under anchor institution of Rotary Club of Devbhoomi Dwarka.

Why Devbhoomi Dwarika Foundation?

  • To promote Dwarka as an alternate tourism destination and offer value to existing pilgrimage tourists visiting Dwarka.
  • To project Dwarka as a tourist friendly destination and take up causes that improve the tourism experience of tourists visiting Dwarka.
  • To build and nurture an ecosystem that enriches the pilgrimage experience and raises the perceived value of a visit to Dwarka.