The land of divine festivities…

The central message of Shri Krishna, the divine founder of Dwarika, was one of eternal joy. And to this day, Divya Dwarika continues the spirit of celebrations…

While Dwarka celebrates virtually all festivals with equal joy and enthusiasm, there are some special festivals whose celebrations are simply outstanding.

Tourists who attend these special festivals describe their experiences as “once in a lifetime” and “hypnotizing”. Surely you wouldn’t want to miss this, would you?

Here are the most attended and the most popular of festivals in Dwarka:

  • Krishna Janmasthami (approximately mid August)
  • Dusherra (approximately mid October)
  • Deepavali – New Year (approximately late October)
  • Tulsi Vivah (approximately early November)
  • Holi -Dhuleti (approximately mid March)
  • Maha Shivratri (approximately early February)

But that’s not all.

Dwarka, apart from festivities, is a great center of numerous religious rites and events. Some of these rites and religious functions can be scheduled as per the devotees’ choice, subject to what are the right days for the event.

For instance, “Pitru Karya” is peformed in the Kaartik and Chaitra months of the Gujarati calendar. It’s no wonder that Dwarka is also called a Moksha Puri (city or land of eternal salvation), in addition to being called a major Teerth Dham (place of pilgrimage)

The Dhwaja Aarohan (mounting and furling of holy flag) atop Shri Dwakadhish Temple is another auspicious event people look forward to. The Dhwaja (the holy flag) is changed 5 times every day. The bookings for participation in this event is looked after by the Office of the Gugli Brahmin 505. Please visit Dwaja Arohan, for more details.

Additionally, devotees can also arrange to conduct the Shrimad Bhagvad saptaah, a week-long discourse on the holy text of Shrimad Bhagvad, at Dwarka.

The Devbhoomi Dwarika Foundation is your one-stop solution to arranging any of these events, viz. Dwaja Arohan, Bhagat Saptah , Pitru Karya to name just a few.

Come, submit yourself to spirituality and come closer to the cosmic divinity…