Sea Tour

Enjoy day-long sea tours with superior hospitality.
Hop on for a specially designed, guided tour and enjoy rarely visited shorelines and exotic islands! A guide and on-board hospitality, provided by the Devbhoomi Dwarika foundation,  make sure you have a great time! Tours begin and terminate at Okha.

Bask in beach tourism at pristine beaches-.
Not many people know that Dwarka is blessed with numerous virgin beaches! Marvel at the true beauty of nature, hear the waves roar and feel the water tickle your feet on the shining sand!

Witness marine life in its most natural form.
Can you recognize a jelly fish when you see one? Have you seen a star fish travel in water? What does a conch shell actually look like? Treat yourself to the thrill of getting a close view of real, undisturbed marine life and carry home loads of memories!
Star Fish, Gelly Fish, Crabs, Conch Shell etc.

Sea Tour Videos